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A Taste of Magic; An Introduction to My Kitchen Craft

The women in my family are born with wooden spoons in their hands. Some of us have tried to run from it, but none so far have succeeded. My grandma was raised almost solely by her mother, a Hungarian immigrant and one of those women who exists to me in the mist of legend, someone I never met but whose stories I’ll always wish I could have heard. It’s from this side of the family I believe our natural kitchen craft comes from. To clarify, I don’t consider myself a “hereditary witch”, but I do think that there is a history of magic, specifically this kitchen/cooking magic, from folk beliefs and traditions carried by the women in this part of my family throughout the generations. Through cooking her recipes, I get to hear a whisper of Great Grandma Julia’s stories, and as I preserve my own recipes I hope my own family will honor me by making them and loving them as I did.

My Kitchen Craft is based largely on turning ordinary recipes, like those in my family that are traded back and forth every year at the holidays, into spells. For inspiration, I pour through my recipe books, my mom’s, my grandma’s, other people’s grandma’s on pinterest, chef’s, anywhere… Kitchen Craft is my practical magic, so if I have to make something I wouldn’t normally want to eat just for a spell, it’s not happening. This also makes actually practicing my witchcraft incredibly easy, since we all have to eat and most of us have to cook at some point in the day.

The power in my Kitchen Craft comes from two main sources: Herbs & Intent. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, and just as we take in the physical energy of the food we eat, I believe that what we take into our bodies transfers energy on a “magical” level as well (for lack of a better word). Anything we eat could be considered to have properties,  but herbs even more so. I use spice combinations in spells much the same way I’ve seen other witches use incense blends. I’ll write many more posts in the future about specific herbs and recipes, so this will be explained further then.

Intent is carried and reaffirmed throughout every step of the recipe. I’ll light incense or candles and choose music for the mood, turning my kitchen into my sacred space. If I’m Kitchen Crafting, I’m almost always singing. It’s often more about the feeling than the words themselves, so it’s easy for me to marry my intent and the music and charge the spell that way. Also, I grow some of my own herbs. Those are plant spirits that I have sown and cultivated, and I treat them as the living things they are. Intent can be fused into a spell for money, for example, by whispering my call for cash flow into a handful of freshly harvested basil leaves before throwing them into the pot. Intent is very personal in witchcraft, and is really about what works for you. These are just some things that work for me on a regular basis. Cooking with the accidental witches in my family has never been a quiet affair, so if it sounds like there’s a lot going on, that’s very purposeful! I want to recreate that feeling of home any time I cast in my kitchen, and that feeling is never silent.

If every woman in my family is born with a wooden spoon, I also seem to have been born with a whisk and a hand mixer. Unlike most of the others, except my cousin who is the only other woman in my generation, I have both a love for and a knack for baking. Most of the cooking and therefore crafting I do currently is dessert based, and I’m hoping to branch out into more main course witching next.

As I work and save money to move in with my partner, establishing my own hearth, another change to occur in my craft will be when cooking becomes a daily responsibility and not a fun hobby. When I have to cook for two every day on a tight budget, I know things will be different, but I’m excited to see how adding meal planning and budgeting to my Kitchen Craft goes. Hopefully some of my boyfriend’s favorite recipes will end up with spells attached to them as well.

Stay tuned for Kitchen Craft posts, spells, and recipes to come!
Ω Your Hostess


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