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Fate & Magic

As a Hellenic and a follower of Zeus, I am a strong believer in both the existence and the power of Fate. I view Fate in its Hellenic context as the Fates, the Moirae, daughters of Zeus representing the seasons of our mortal lives, spinning together the divine threads. In my eyes, Fate is an enormous tapestry, a complex picture the Moirae are constantly weaving, until such time as They get to the end of time as we know it, when They will then sit back and watch as it all unfolds. Even the Father Zeus is beholden to what the Fates decree:

“It is not impossible to overstep these bounds [of Fate], but the consequences are dire; Zeus would have the power to act differently, but the other gods do not applaud this, and therefore He does not do so, just as a good and wise ruler does not use his real power to encroach on the limits set by custom.”

Greek Religion, Walker Burkert

In a world governed, as I believe this one is, by the limits and apportionment of Fate, it can be hard to reconcile the idea of magic. Witchcraft, in any of it’s innumerable forms, can be described as a way to influence things (people, events, etc) to prescribe to the practitioner’s will, whatever that may be. For the purposes of this discussion, the old simple definition “Magic is intent” works well enough. But how can we even hope to manifest our own intent if everything is already ordained?The simple answer I would give is that I do not believe every little thing is ordained. If Fate is a tapestry, it is an immense picture of major events, in our lives and in history, and how they have influence on each other. But there are parts of life left out of that tapestry. Magic then, in my practice, is my attempt to influence those things.

Let’s take, for example, a job spell. There may be a job in an office I want desperately, so much that I am willing to go to the extent it takes to craft a spell to get it. In the tapestry of Fate, it may be absolutely crucial that I get that job. It may be absolutely crucial I do not get that job and am open to something else Fate has chosen. But, and perhaps more likely, it is also possible that it doesn’t matter to Fate in the slightest whether I get the job or not. That event may have no bearing at all on the events Fate has already woven for me, so I am able to influence that situation to my will. It is similar events and circumstances I hope to influence with my magic.

A belief in the decrees of Fate and a belief in the power of witchcraft to influence events do not have to be mutually exclusive. Sometimes it can be hard to tell when the hands of the Moirae are at play, but my belief in Fate gives me the reassurance to know that, if a spell didn’t work, maybe it wasn’t supposed to.
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2 thoughts on “Fate & Magic

  1. Fascinating post. Fate can also be self-correcting. Even if you getting a certain job wasn’t plan A to get you to the final destination, other contingencies can always be woven in to get you there just the same.


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