Hermes, take the wheel

…because I clearly cannot be trusted with it.

This has been one of the worst weeks of my life. In five days, I passed out at work, came to realize that I have – by definition – an eating disorder, and was in a car accident. Am I blaming the Mercury Retrograde, frequently drawing to a much awaited close? I mean, I’m not going to say no…

But tonight is the night of the Cold Moon in Leo, my own sign, the sign of light, generosity, and perhaps most important to me, sense of self. I lost my sense of self in 2015, and can feel that shifting into the new year. Tonight, taking Apollon’s advice, I’m taking a mental/physical/emotional/everything health day. I’m calling into work, using a sick day, and throwing myself into ritual. It’s time to cleanse the miasma of the end of this terrible year, and let Hermes, my chosen sacred Theoi for the month of January, usher in the new. Let brother Apollon, my beloved Lord, know that I accept responsibility for my disorder and embrace change in healing, returning to His middle path. Let Zeus Soter know how eagerly I await His promised storm, and let Hera Antheia know how I am embracing Her lesson of Respect and bearing it like the Aegis against the world.

This week has been worse than awful, but tonight will be more than kathartic. I’m grateful for the knowledge that I can always come to the Theoi and lose myself and my cares in Their devotion, and to know that I will always be heard.

Ω Your struggling Hostess


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