Desert Craft

Coastal Born, Desert Raised

Southern California is such an interesting place. Though I was born in a hospital overlooking the Pacific Ocean, raised blocks from the beach, it’s the desert that raised me.


I learned everything about life in sand, on the back of ATVs (“quads”) just like those, my mythic consciousness revealed when the winds shifted the dunes into brand new landscapes. Every winter, my family spent every possible weekend in the sand dunes with our friends, friends more like family, where I learned from Day 1 it takes a village to raise a child.

More than socialization, I learned a complex sense of magic before I had words to describe it. And I do believe desert witches are a different breed. “Normal” or “traditional” associations won’t work for us, seasons in the dunes means nothing, you are made or broken by your own resourcefulness, and adaptability is paramount. The lessons we learn are hard-taught and superstition is in our blood. In fact, one of the deserts we frequented was even called “Superstition Mountains”. In a land where weather is king, I was raised to literally not even say the word “wind” when we were out there. We called it “The W”, a god to be feared before I knew there was more than just God.

More than anything, the Desert teaches its witches how to make change happen, and how to pull something out of nothing. I consider this post my introduction to Desert Craft, something I want to blog much more about in the future, because I want to share the lessons I’ve learned. This is also a perspective of witchcraft I think is relatively unexplored on a popular level, and witches need to know that sometimes all you need to fix your situation is a bit of wind and a handful of sand.

But we’ll get to the specifics 😉
Ω Until then, Your Hostess


2 thoughts on “Coastal Born, Desert Raised

  1. I am from the same area—born near the beach, raised in the desert. Your point about normal associations struck me. It is so true. Our barren time has nothing to do with winter. Winter is the time of relief and hopes, (for rain mostly), dashed or fulfilled. Summer is the barren time. Death is in the air. Then there is Autumn—the burning time where ash comes down from the mountain fires like snow. Before reading your, I had never thought how this affects my craft. Thank you for opening my eyes to that.


    1. “the burning time when ash comes down from the mountain fires like snow” you are singing my heart’s song, my friend! That’s actually how I noticed as well, thinking about traditional associations with earth and fertility and thinking to myself “well sure the earth is always fertile, dormant. life doesn’t come from beneath, it falls from the sky like rain”. A topic for another day, I think!

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