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Vanilla Sugar

One of my most successful witchy experiments in the last few months has been the crafting and keeping of a jar of Vanilla Sugar. It was so easy and has been serving me so well in my magical kitchen adventures, I thought I would share.

  • Sugar for Sweetness: The first and most obvious, dare I say most important, ingredient is sugar. You can use whatever type you like! Working in a health food store I know there’s too many types of sugar on the market to count these days, so feel free to use whatever you would normally. Since I use my sugars mostly for baking, I just used standard granulated white.
  • Vanilla for Friendship and Love: For this spell, the only ingredients I had to purchase specifically were two whole vanilla beans. One would definitely be enough, but I got excited. The link explains how to completely de-seed your whole bean, but I just used my paring knife to open the pods and expose the potent seeds. (Essentially, stop after Step 1)
  • Yellow Rose Petal Blessings: This is a completely optional step, but I had some saved, clean and pressed rose petals that I included as well. They were yellow, and to me yellow roses offer friendship and camaraderie, a welcome place to be for not only lovers but all those who are loved. This is the spirit I hope to foster when I bake (or brew someone tea or do anything witchy in my kitchen), so I tossed in a couple of those petals for some extra blessings. I’ve had them for some time, kept with crystals so totally infused, from a positive event and experience in my life. They were already pretty powerful.


All that is necessary for this spell are the above ingredients, a paring knife, and a mason/canning jar! The above link showed you how to prepare your beans, now all you have to do is toss them and your petals/crystals/food safe witchy additives in the mason jar and cover them in sugar. Cap the jar, shake it all up, infuse it with your good witchy power (I can’t tell witches how to witch, after all) however you do, and voila! The longer your sugar sits, the more in infuses, and if it starts to clump or get sticky, just give it a good shake (Witchy Tip from my Mother: A Saltine Cracker in a container of Sugar will keep granules from sticking). As the sugar gets used up, just pour some more in. There’s no need to keep buying vanilla bean after vanilla bean, they’ll last you quite awhile, and the smell will tell you when it’s time to switch them out. (Witchy Rule in Our Kitchen: Nose always Goes, and When in Doubt, Throw it Out!)

This has become a total staple in my pantry. Use for baking, stir in tea, top strawberries, it’s just sugar after all. Any time you want to add a little extra kitchen magic, it’s only a sprinkle away!


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