Hostess Notes [Admin Updates]

A Note:

Just a quick admin update- I’m back to this blog and hoping to get started on a strong note. Starting on my birthday (Monday, August 15th), in honor of my turning 21 and getting reacquainted with My Lady, I’ll be starting the 30 days of Deity Devotion tag.

[Thanks to lykeiaofapollon for inspiring this!]

In the 30 Days, I’ll be focusing on my devotion to the goddess Aphrodite, something I’ve very much avoided talking about recently as I’ve tried to avoid Her in my daily life. This year, She has said “no more”, and I am helpless but to concede. To honor Her and get back in touch with that part of myself, I’ll be dedicating 30 Days of Devotion to professing my love and devotion to Her as openly as I can… and what better place than here?

Thank you to those who stuck around through my absence, as well as the new faces I haven’t met yet. Thank you for helping keep the Theoi conversation flowing.

Your Hostess, Lena


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