aphrodite · Hellenic Polytheism

30 Days: An Introduction

Day 1: A Basic Introduction of Your Chosen Deity


Aphrodite is a golden smile.
She is the Lady of Laughter and the giggle that bubbles up out of my chest. Aphrodite is the light on the beach as lithe limbs tan and preen. She is Aphrodite Philommedes, Aphrodite the Laughter Loving, who delights when Her love both inspires and destroys. But oh, does She smile on those who have committed to serving Her.

Aphrodite is a burning flame.
She is the smolder in bedroom eyes, the beacon of love that cannot be ignored in the darkness of night that surrounds us. She is Aphrodite Praxis, Area, Pothon Mater  who drives us forward like wildfire, until we achieve our desires or are consumed.

Aphrodite is a crashing wave.
I am powerless to fight Her as I am to fight the waves from which She emerged.
She is Aphrodite Aphrogenea, born of foam, and oh Meleager, how well did you phrase
“What I cannot see is how,
From the green wave rising
Out of water, Oh Aphrodite
You bred a flame.”

[Note: A “basic” introduction to Aphrodite would be far from appropriate so, saving my long “here’s how I was introduced to My Lady” post for Day 2, here’s a bit of an introduction to some of the epithets that inform my devotion to Her]


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