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Fallow Times

The Theoi are not omniscient. A quality that often gets associated with all gods, regardless of whom in particular we are talking about, because of the Abrahamic God, the Hellenic deities are not lauded as knowing exactly what we are thinking, feeling, and experiencing 100% of the time.

None, that is, except Zeus…


It’s easy to feel unworthy before the Theoi. The Greek Gods are respected and adored, worshiped, because They are the best of everything. Whatever realm is under a deity’s domain is utterly at Their disposal. None may hunt better than Artemis, fight harder than Ares, shoot further than Apollon. When the daimon of depression comes seeping through my bones, I can’t find it in me to respect the lessons of the Gods. When it takes real convincing from my own mind to drag my body up off the floor, it seems pointless to plant a seed, pick up an instrument, paint a piece… The gods of everything do not know what it is like to suffer mortality, and while They may sympathize with our plight, They cannot empathize with it. They do not know what it is like to walk the road of the doomed, or face the follies of the flawed.

None, that is, except Zeus…

Zeus holds the entirety of, well, everything in His hands. The Father is the one who knows our hearts, desires, and fears, as well as every trial we have faced on our way. As the keeper of Fate & the Wheel of Fortune, Zeus Agathos Daimon knows that it is the lot of mortals to be on top one day, at the bottom another. He knows as the keeper of the very wheel that does this to us, the keeper of balance in the universe. He reminds me that this, too, shall pass, while lending the Father’s strong shoulder to cry on until the pain fades.

“You know how to make extraordinary things suitable,
and how to bring forth order from chaos; and even that which is unlovely is
lovely to You”

x. cleanthes

By His hand, I am made strong.
Drop a golden rope from Heaven, Father, that I may climb…

– your hostess


One thought on “Fallow Times

  1. Great article Lena! โค I have a bit of a controversial question. A lot of folks outside of hellenism and sometimes inside like to accuse Zeus of being a "serial rapist". However those are just myths right? yet myths are needed to discern certain aspects of deity. I was wondering your thought son this, especially from a Hellenic POV. Thanks!

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