Hellenic Polytheism · lunar calendar

Calendar Rants #3 // Hekatombaion


I’m starting to have a better relationship with the Hellenic calendar. While I’ve been a practicing HP for awhile now, I feel I’ve been consistently spinning my wheels in the mud when it comes to understanding , embracing, and enacting any kind of ritual calendar in my practice. But I have to remind myself that this, like everything, is a learning experience. Years ago I learned the seasons of the Theoi by observing the turning of the year. More recently I’ve turned my attention to cementing my understanding of the zodiac and have spent almost a year in observation of these cycles. The Hellenic Calendar, with its many layers & details, seems like the last logical step in what has been a very long process…


I am fascinated by the many names of this first lunar month of the year. Originally called Kronia after the observed festival, the name was changed to reflect a more important festival of Apollon. On looking at the calendar now, though, you’ll find Hekatombaion (of Apollon, originally Kronia) is actually the celebration of the holy week of Athene. Amazing how things change, isn’t it?

I’m constantly reminded in my study of Hellenic Polytheism how non-specific the practice truly was. Any time I feel like changing the dates of a holiday to better coincide with my life & it’s cycles, any time I feel called to offer something to a Theoi that may never have been associated with Them, any time I come up with a title of honor and love for my Theoi that is unique to me… I am reminded that this is the foundation of our religion. These purest expressions of love are what our holy house is built upon, and our columns stand to this day due to our express ability to adapt.

ฮฉ Helena



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