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Tarot: Most Wanted

I’ve been “collecting” tarot decks for about 5 years now, but lately I haven’t been feeling pulled to purchase any new decks. By lately, I mean for about the last two years. Granted, I am more of a Real Adult™ than I was when I began this whole journey and now have bills to pay, food to buy, and a paraprofessional teacher’s hourly rate to live on. With all of these factors combined, it’s hard to justify wanting just one more deck, no matter how gorgeous the art may be or how necessary the theme is to my collection. I have, at last count, about thirty decks on my shelf and few of them are used regularly. There are some decks used once, twice, if ever, a year. But these decks, the ones not on the list to give away or sell, are all precious to me. They have earned the spot on that shelf. Each new deck is a new way to discover the tarot, uncover new meaning in eternal archetypes, to learn about myself as a Reader.

In the past, I may have described myself as a tarot addict, when really I was just a kid with a job, a passion, and nothing  else to do with that money. Now, each deck I look at is seen as an investment in both my business and myself.

And so, here’s the decks I’m currently looking to invest in:


Tarot del Fuego

Tarot de los Orishas

Modern Spellcasters’ Tarot

Art of Life Tarot

Shakespeare Tarot


Ω Your Hostess, Helena


5 thoughts on “Tarot: Most Wanted

    1. I adore the art of the Shadowscapes tarot!! I have a couple of decks that are in a similar theme & art style, so I’ve put my burning desire for that one to the side for now, but I am certainly planning to add it to my collection one day…

      & thank you for adding the artist’s page!


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