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Metageitnion; Part I

Hello lovelies, I hope your day has been abundant in blessings!

A new Gregorian month is here, the sun is shining strong on Lammas, and a new lunar month began mere days ago. To celebrate, here’s a quick run-down of the Holy Days of Metageitnion (our current Hellenic Lunar Month) and a free printable I’ve been working on for my own grimoire. Hopefully this helps ease a bit of the well known calendar stress.

In order to get this out on Lammas, I’m splitting this post into 2 parts. It also helped cut down on the information overload!



M. 1 & 2 – Noumenia, Agathos Daimon

The first two days of Metageitnion bring us the Noumenia, or New Moon, that begins every lunar month and the Agathos Daimon, the conclusion of the 3-Day Noumenia celebration.

The Noumenia celebrates the gods of the home/oikos; Zeus, Apollon, & Hermes. Give thanks to Zeus, the Giver of Good, for keeping your home safe for another month. Offer up a kathisksos, asking the Father to protect your hearth from poverty. Apollon & Hermes are, as brothers, both guardians of the thresholds, paths, and markers that we humans use to denote what space is “ours”. Mark your space with sacred smoke or khernips to keep unwanted guests, solicitors, & collectors out!


M. 2 – Herakleia

The end of Metageitnion’s Noumenia is also a rumored day for the observance of the Herakleia. This fascinating holiday remembers the time when Herakles, oh most well known of heroes, wandered around the city-states of Greece, slaying the boars and the girls alike and being lavished with jewels and fabulous prizes by virtue of his incredible strength.

The Herakleia was the only athletic festival open to non citizens in Athens, and was a chance to prove your own strength. Work out, do something competitive with friends, test yourselves against each other and prove your worth to see who comes out on top. And if you want to party like the ancients, this festival was also marked by an extreme level of over-indulgence on food and drink…. all in the spirit of the hero, of course!


M. 16 – Kourotrophos

Here we celebrate the Goddesses of Childbirth, Artemis & Hekate, who were referred to along with local deities & the daimon of childbirth as Kourotrophos.

As the first of the twins to be born, Artemis is revered as a goddess of the child bed as She, immediately after Her birth, turned to deliver Her brother, Apollon. More of a caretaker & nursemaid, we celebrate Hekate as being appointed by Zeus to care for the young and innocent of this world.

If you are expecting children or know anyone who is, this is a perfect day to offer to the Theoi on their behalf. The Kourotrophos are particularly interested in the safety & well-being of male children, which makes this also the best time to honor & pray for a young boy or young man at any stage on his journey through childhood. Celebrate life’s milestones!


Free Printable!

I know pretty graphics certainly get me in the right space for worship. Is it just me, or is it so much easier to pray and offer when life is organized? The Theoi hate clutter, even when it’s mental!

So I thought I’d share this Free Printable, something I’ve been working on for my own Hellenic Grimoire, with you. I know you’ll love having the holidays & lunar dates on one handy reference sheet.



…and stay tuned for part ii!


Helenion Calendar & Notes;

Baring the Aegis Ritual for Kourotrophos;

Hesiod’s Hymn to Hekate;

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