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A Sea Witch’s Sinking

I’m loving all the posts for Plentiful Earth’s #30 Days of Magical Roots Challenge, and I’ve decided to join in the fun! While I may go back and post my results of Day 1’s Divination focus, I consider those consultations to be much more personal & much less interesting. Let’s get to the juice, shall we?

Sea witch sinking

This technique for a Sea Witch’s Sinking was inspired & adapted years ago from this lovely witch’s post. Anyone looking to dive into Sea Witchery is blessed to have her blog as a resource after so long. My version of this technique is much more pared down, a bit more applicable to everyday situations, and refined through trial & error.

I’ve dealt with a Panic Disorder for some time now, and this alternative to grounding has helped me through some tough situations. While the original has a much more ritualized feel to it and may help you to feel more spiritually centered as a result, apply my take on the go!


How To Perform A Sea Witch’s Sinking

Like all grounding techniques, this witchy method is meant to help you calm your body and mind, center your power & energy, and be able to apply your witchy intent to exactly what you wish without losing anything to the mundane distractions of the world.

Groundings/Sinkings are perfect to perform right before ritual, divinatory, or spell work, helping you access that liminal zone between the physical and spiritual realms where energy resides. You want a clean conduit for your magic, and grounding essentially cleanses the self for work.


Step 1: Find somewhere cool, quiet, and dark – if at all possible.

This step isn’t necessary. In fact, sometimes it’s the lack of peace & quiet that causes us to need to ground in the first place! But, as much as you can, try to create this space for yourself (even if it’s the bathroom with the doors closed and the lights off).

It’s possible to ground into the sounds of the earth, but it’s much harder to visualize yourself
into the void when there are distracting noises around.


Step 2: Deep Breaths, Close Your Eyes

Check out of the outside world and check solely into yourself. I am the most calm and centered when sitting more or less in Lotus pose, but you may feel more supported leaning against a wall, sitting on your bed, or flat on your back in Shivasana.

Once you’ve prescribed what your body needs, get into that position and start to breathe in and out. The Sea Witch in all of us should easily find a tidal rhythm for your breath, your chest rising and falling with the swell, and you’ll start to tune into the rhythm of the sea. If you’re a visualizer, hold the image of Mother or Father Ocean in your mind, however you perceive them. This may be visualizations of personified deity or more abstract, perhaps the mer are the spirits of the deep to you…

Now you’ve identified Source.


Step 3: Sink

Once you’ve checked in with your Source of Ocean Magic, imagine yourself in the primordial waters & begin to sink.

Mentally, I achieve this by completely surrendering to the waves until I feel I am adrift. When you first attempt to sit at the bottom of a body of water, the weight of your body, your clothes, and gravity will start to take you down. But it’s a slow fall, much slower than tripping on the sidewalk. It can feel the way it feels to fall through a dream.

Imagine sinking, gently, all the way down to the bottom. As you descend, release the pains of the day, the clutters of the mundane, all of the burdens on your mind that separate you from the magic you plan to do. It’s a slow sink, you have time.


Step 4: Rise

After you’ve released everything, there’s a moment of pause when you hit the bottom, before the buoyancy of your body returns you to the surface. This is the most magical moment of sinking, the breath between.

In this moment, suspended in water time, set your Intentions. What shall you create? What are you breathing into life? What do you bring crashing to your shores? State it clearly now, in your mind and in your heart.

As you feel compelled to return to the world, the waves and air pulling you upwards again, center your magic in your core. Draw all of your energy into the burning center, so that you may immediately tap into it for your spell or ritual.

sea witch's sinking

What is your favorite Grounding Ritual? Have you ever attempted a Sinking? Let me know your experiences below!

3 thoughts on “A Sea Witch’s Sinking

  1. I tend to do what I call lower world work or meditation. I have a past life meditation that uses this.
    There is a great chapter from the 6th Narnia book that describes going into the earth.

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