Hello & Welcome to my Hellenic Hearth!


As a practicing Hellenic Polytheist of 5 years, a mixed race diaspora baby, eclectic witch, and brujx in training, I wanted somewhere where I could chronicle my spiritual path – the highs and the lows – and share with anyone who may wish to learn from my experiences.

I’ve studied Mythology & World Religions extensively in school and don’t ask me about my five year plan, but in 20 years I see myself as Professor and PhD of Theology.
As nice as that is, my gods have pulled me down my life’s most fun detour yet, and I’ve been working for the past 6 months with Autism Spectrum Disorder & SLD students at a wonderful school dedicated to providing them with the best education and care possible.

My gods have truly blessed me with the freedom to chase opportunities & continue to do what I love. I dance, sing, mix media, write, and research all in service of myself, my blood, and my Gods.

I hope to share with people my journey on this Hellenic Path, to help them negotiate the ins & outs of beginning their own path, share what I have learned on the way, and be open, honest, and raw about what walking the road of Alternative Faith really means.

Thank you for joining me here at my Hellenic hearth, Sponde!

Ω Your Hostess, Helena

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