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5 Crystals for Plant Magic

5 crystals for plant magic

My mother is a Green Witch, whether she knows it or not. While lamenting her seeming lack of a green thumb, she somehow managed to turn our dying, neglected backyard into an oasis for her rabbits and a garden of herbs we use in our kitchen craft daily. From her I learned the value of digging in deep, not being afraid to get dirt under your fingernails, and I taught her the virtue of study (knowing your climate and growth cycles will save a beginning Green Witch from so much unnecessary hair-pulling!).

Plant babies hold a very special place, both in my heart and in my home. Today I’m going to share 5 of my favorite crystals to use in Green Witchcraft, some traditional, some ripped straight from my own Grimoire. Enjoy!


1. (Green) Calcite

This juicy, green gem is the true stone of the Green Witch, so of course I have to start my list with her. Green Calcite works her magic on the heart center, where our power resides, helping better attune you to your plant spirits and allowing them to feed off your own magical energy. But any color calcite is a gem to use with plants, as this stone gets its name from being made mostly of calcium, the same substance that makes up our bones & gives us strength. Lend a little strength to your plant babies!

2. Clear Quartz

When planting seeds or succulents indoors, you’ll often need a layer of rocks to serve as drainage to prevent drowning your plant by over-watering. I love replacing these rocks with a layer of Clear Quartz chunks instead. Relatively inexpensive and easy to find, these crystal spirits are also some of the most neutral around, meaning they won’t react negatively with water, oxygen, or your plants themselves. Start your babies off right by planting them in sacred ground.

3. Amber

In Hellenic Polytheism, Amber in its petrified, gem-ified form is sacred to the Solar titan, Helios. These little sun drops are said to be the tears of the Titan for those He could not protect, nor could He join His family in their grief. Yes, it’s a sad story, but Amber holds the power of the sun inside itself – a fantastic addition to any succulent/cactus garden! If you’re not in a desert climate like me, try using little chunks of Amber to perk up indoor plants in the grey of winter.

4. Jade

Who ever said “money doesn’t grow on trees”? Maybe it was being raised in a mixed race, part Filipino family, but there was always an ample amount of banzai, coins, and jade featured in the decor of my grandparents’ home. I’m very used to the imagery of money, in fact, growing on trees, and I love the idea of planting your own little money tree in your magical garden. Try adding a piece of jade (maybe even a natural coin?) to a trimming of basil, and cook with it’s leaves often!

5. (Green) Fluorite

It doesn’t get much more magical than this! Many witches already find themselves drawn to the tantalizing rainbows Fluorite casts, so it’s even a crystal many of us already have lying around. If you’ve never felt the powerful, creative surge that a tasty chunk of this gem brings, pick some up soon. And while you’re at it, toss a piece over into your window planter box. Fluorite does wonders for flowers and flowering herbs, but your favorite citrus trees will never say no, either!


What are your favorite crystals to use in your magic? (green or otherwise!) Where do you buy your Earth Candy, gem babies? Share your favorite crystals & shops below!


sources: The Crystal Bible, Judy Hall
Healing Crystals and Gemstones, Dr. Flora Peschek-Bohmer, Gisela Schreiber

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